Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Second very chilly training

Well I set off from the Premier Inn in Waltham Abbey on what was a beautifully clear but extremely cold night. If I had my contacts in I could tell you for definite if I saw the Shard or not. I think I did but it was just a blur if I'm honest. But I could see the GMT laser. It really was that clear.

I'm glad I went for a run tonight because the little monster made an appearance for most of the afternoon and had I not had the run to take my mind off things, I fear I may have given into to the cravings. But the run completely removed the urge. This fitness thing has its uses.

I've now realised that running with painful quads isn't a lot of fun. My quads hurt a lot by the time I'd done a mile. After about 1.75 miles I also had a reoccurrence of an old niggle from my ultimate frisbee days. It's a pain behind my left shoulder blade. I don't know what it is but I battled on and put up with it. Anyone got any ideas what it is?

Anyhoo the run was 2.29 miles long and completed in 32:30 which is slightly worse than Monday but my quads were tight before I set off and the Wife rang just after I'd started so I was a little distracted.

After I got back to the hotel I had a bath to try and relax and got rid of some of the lactic build up from my quads. Spoke to my friend Brian and he advised lots of fluids and relax to ease the pain and remove the lactic acid.

Now sat in the pub about to have gammon and jacket spud for some carbs and protein to help my recovery.

No run planned until Sunday due to tomorrow being a rest day, Friday I'm going home and I need to change my running days to Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday as it suits my transient lifestyle better.

Still waiting on email from Cancer Research to confirm my entry and then I can push my corporate kit sponsorship idea.



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