Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First training

Well day four of no smoking and no real issues. Thought it best to try out the running gear I had bought after work. It was a chilly 4 degrees according to the car thermometer in Waltham Abbey.

So I set off on a run/walk and within about half a mile my legs were killing me. In total I ran/walked 2.32 miles and got a congratulations off Paula Radcliffe when I finished courtesy of my Nike+ app on my iPhone. Bit cheesy but hey ho what floats some people's boats. The 2.32 miles was done in about 30 minutes. I say about because I had a few teething issues with the Nike+ app in so much as I didn't start it until I'd done 0.81 miles. This is by no means a good pace but I was impressed as I hadn't done any exercise in 3.5 years unless you count lifting pints.

The next morning and my legs were really aching. What have I signed up for??? Thank god today is a rest day as its 0 degrees in Waltham Abbey tonight.

Now for the big task of getting someone to supply me with a bike and all the necessary gubbins so I can do the triathlon in September.


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