Saturday, 18 February 2012

Injury update part 3 and bike is bought

Went to the physio last night and all I can say is I'm not built for running.

In summary:-

1. I have tight calves
2. I'm a supinator (basically I have very high arches)
3. I have tight hamstrings

All of which culminate in me having to run on the balls of my feet (forefoot striking) and all of which have led to me developing tendonitis in my achilles tendon.

The physio then applied some ultrasound to my achilles and advised me  to rest. He also advised me of some stretches that I should do before and after running.

He told me I am running in the right way for my body (forefoot striking) but I should do the majority of my running for training off road rather than road running which I had been doing.

He also advised me to do the majority of my training on my bike or in the pool to limit my chance of developing achilles problems.

This definitely brought forward my plans for buying a bike so I wen to Don Valley cycles in Doncaster and dropped onto a real bargain. I managed to pick up a Marsini custom aluminium racing bike with a Campagnolo groupset for the price of £250.00 as the bike had been part exchanged that day. Thanks to Martin for his help. I also bought a turbo trainer (Tacx Satori) so that I can do most of my training in the hotel when I'm away during the week.

It appears that after a few weeks down time. Operation Tri is now back on track.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Good stuff - I have similar problems...I get tendonitis. I stick to cycling because my body is supported and my boobs are affected less by the gravity hahaha! Running on a road kill my shins with the impact.

    Nice work on the bike! When we go up north next I'll shout you. Me, Stu and Mark will be cycling as soon as the weather gets better - get our Stu to take you out training!!

  2. Need to pick my bike up first. Can't wait til next weekend when I get it. Hope you're well.