Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Swimming and the like

Firstly my achilles injury has gotten no better with rest. It doesn't hurt as much but it's still not good enough to run. Pretty annoyed about it to be honest. It still feels really tight. Another couple of days rest can't do it any harm.

Went swimming for the first time on Thursday and oh did I realise how unfit I've become. I only lasted for 500m in sets of 50-100m and felt so unfit. I'm so glad I decided to give up smoking now. Who knows what I'd be like in another 10 or so years.

I didn't have the inclination to train over the weekend due to having two hangovers on top of my injury and I had to have an early Valentine's day as I'm working away this week.

So on Monday I decided to go swimming again to further rest my injury and build up some endurance (which after Thursday I realised I didn't have). This time I managed 1km in sets of 100m which is an improvement. I did this in about 30 mins but to be honest spent a lot of time resting. With more exercise will come greater endurance so I was quite pleased at the end. Tired but pleased.

The only problem with Monday swimming is that Monday's are a very long day and I was quite happy having a nap when I woke up at 20:15 which was just in time for the 20:30 start. When you've been up since 04:30 that makes it a long day, hence the nap.

Well what else have I been up to? I've ordered some new laces (how exciting) from which should save me some time on transitions.

I've set up my Justgiving page and am still waiting for my first donation. Come on people it's for a good cause as it's Cancer Research.

Other than that there's no new update from me. More swimming planned for later in the week, I may even go for a morning swim if I can get up but I'll definitely be swimming on Thursday as I doubt whether my ankle will be good enough to run on.

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