Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cold + Pain = First injury. You don't have to be Einstein to work out this is not a good combination when you have your first triathlon in 32 weeks and 5 days

Well I decided to go for a run last night even though it was minus 2 degrees (that's chuffing cold to anyone who doesn't know) when I set off.

I completed 2.67 miles in a time of 36:13 which is a further and longer run than I have completed since I decided on taking up this silly (but very worthwhile) challenge. The accompaniment for my run was Ministry of Sound Running Trax Gold CD 1 (for those that are interested)

Mostly my run passed without any excitement. Until after about 1.7 miles I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my left achilles tendon when jogging. The pain went when walking so then I proceeded to "mostly" walk back to the hotel.

Now for the bad news. This will affect training. I have no idea what I have done to my achilles tendon but it is very painful. It doesn't appear to be any different to the one on my right leg (apart from the pain on walking) but is now causing me to limp. I'll give it a few days and if there is no improvement I will go and seek medical help.

I'm sure this injury won't be the last I encounter before I complete my triathlon but I am a little disheartened it has happened so early in my training.

On the off chance that any Doctors do read this, could you advise what the injury could possible be? You can e-mail me on or send a tweet to @smoker23athlete

Running with this pain will not help matters as it is weight bearing so I have decided that swimming will be the only training I can complete until this "random" injury goes away. Swimming will be good because it is not weight bearing and if needs be I can just use my arms to power through the water.

Now I just need to find a baths that is open late near Waltham Abbey.

On a plus note, now that I have started stretching properly before running I now no longer have the aches and pains I got after the first two runs. Either that or my body is getting used to the abuse.

Today is a rest day which is good as it gives me chance to research swimming baths and will also allow me to go and buy some swimming gear (goggles and shorts) for my inevitable swim tomorrow as I don't think my achilles will be better.



  1. Good on you Mike for doing this! Can't quite believe you have stopped smoking but so pleased for you! Keep going with it and we will definately sponsor you and come and see you perform if we are around!!!
    Feel the need to run a bit longer on the treadmill tonight in support!!
    Jo x