Monday, 4 May 2015

¿dónde está mi mojo?

So I've been discharged from the fracture clinic two and a half weeks after breaking my arm. After some prodding and poking from the registrar which resulted in no pain, he decided I was fixed!
No X-rays. It was like passing Go in Monopoly except instead of collecting $200 I was sent to the Physio. After being given some exercises to complete, I was discharged from here as well. I was told if my mobility didn't improve over the next two weeks, I should ring up for an appointment.

I have been doing my exercises and my mobility has increased. It is less painful to move my arm and I can nearly get it straight. So all thing considered, I should be over the moon. After all it is only 28 days since I crashed my bike, so why am I feeling flat. I am struggling to muster up the enthusiasm to train. I keep finding really lame excuses to not train, things like "I'm too tired", "I can't be arsed", "Traffic was bad", "I had to work late" and "There's not enough time".

Since my discharge 12 days ago. I have only completed 3 bike sessions, 2 runs sessions and amazingly 2 swims.

The swims came as a complete shock. I went to coach some of our beginners at their first open water swim and ended up swimming two laps of 300m with them. I followed this up with a pool session and despite having no strength on my left side, I was still moving well. Yes, there was a bit of discomfort on the catch and pull but nothing disastrous.

I have also been building strength back up in my arm using weights, therabands and elasticated straps in an effort to increase both my strength and mobility.

The reason for this cathartic blog is that if a problem is shared a problem is halved. And also by admitting there is a problem and putting it out there, then it becomes tangible and as a result I can't deny it anymore.

My bike strength is there and I am really pleased with the numbers I am producing, my swim will get there but it is mainly running I am struggling to motivate myself for.

My first run back was a threshold 5k and I managed to do it in 25:39 which was only a minute down on where I was before my injury. I was having to rein myself in to keep my HR below 170bpm. This pleased me, but since then a combination of work and my own lack of drive have resulted in no more runs until today.

I had a lot of time to think about things yesterday after visiting family in Bury St Edmunds and being a passenger for 5 hours. I decided "enough was enough", it is time to knuckle down and put in the hard work again.

This morning I ran 5 miles at threshold and was pleased that my initial speed was still there, it is just my fitness that is lacking. My first mile was completed in 8:22 but my last mile was a 9:22 for the same HR. But I struggled mentally for each of the 5 miles.

I have improved before (like last December when my first run back was an avg of 9:25/mi but within 22 days I was running at 8:03/mi pace) so it is time to put in the hard work again. It is hardly a surprise that my confidence has taken a knock as before my injury things were going really well. But I need to #HTFU and stop procrastinating.

After all it is only

16 days until Askern 10
26 days until Nottingham Sprint
48 days until my "A" race at Southport
54 days until ETU Aquathlon Championships

I have no more time to procrastinate. It's time to get it done.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like leaving a motivating comment to help me regain some of my mojo, then it would be greatly appreciated.