Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"I was runnin" - Forrest Gump

Well it's been a difficult few months on the running front since my injury on the 7th Feb.

Try as I might I have been unable to run until this week. It's not completely without pain but is still a massive improvement from just over a week ago. This lack of running has been very frustrating as this is my weakest discipline and therefore needs the most work.

After work tonight I decided to try a jog. Luckily Regents Park is round the corner from work so I have no excuse not to run twice a week. Even if the heavens had opened today I was going running as I only have just over 20 weeks until D-day.

And boy was this body of mine not built to run. I'd decided on a gentle 1.5 mile run to really see if my Achilles was better and lo and behold it is. I actually ran well plodded my way through 1.7 miles. The pace is similar to what I was managing pre injury and it is a blisteringly slow 14 minutes per mile. I really need to improve on this as at this pace it will take 90 minutes to complete the run but that is what the next twenty weeks are for.

The main thing is I am running again. I need to work on a more even pace as I seem to be able to run for a minute then have to walk for a minute (to reoover) rather than just jog constantly. Hmmm my fitness isn't great then. Again this will improve over 20 weeks.

The plan for the next couple of months or so running wise is to be able to increase endurance and lower my speed while slowly increasing distance as I don't want to injure myself again.

In the back of my mind I always knew this would be a difficult run as it followed a day at work and I was very nervous about injury. As soon as I felt a slight twinge I was panicky but thankfully my Achilles held up.

I have a few aches and pains but I think they are an accumulation of training over the weekend and today rather than anything serious.

I am waiting for an email to confirm my bike fit but this needs sorting pronto otherwise I have more back pain to look forward to this weekend.

I am also booked in to visit Virgin Active in Sheffield this weekend so that I will be able to swim on my terms rather than early mornings at the weekend.

All in all a positive couple of days from me. I still need more help with sponsorship. You can text NSMK 50 £5 to 70070 to sponsor me five whole English Pounds. It will be greatly appreciated.

That's all from me for now.

Thanks for reading.


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