Sunday, 29 April 2012


Well today I got up and as expected the heavens had opened. Thanks again to BBC for the screen grab below.

After putting a blind up in the kitchen which I promised the wife I would do last weekend but was in to much pain after my 40k on the bike.

I decided to get on the turbo trainer. But first I had to change my back tyre again as I really didn't want to use my new tyres on the turbo trainer. I definitely need a new complete wheel so I can rapidly change wheels for when I need to turbo train and when I road ride. I couldn't decide what distance to do but settled on a 25km ride bricked with a jog.

I smashed out the 25km in 00:49:37 which equates to an average of 30.22 km/h (I maxed out at 60.2 km/h). This means the 40km would have been completed in 01:19:28. I'm quote pleased with this pace again. Now I just need to do this on the road. Please can I have some good weather next weekend to be able to try and match this in real life. In total I burnt 505 calories with an average heart rate of 137bpm.

Right so ride completed, I strapped up my achilles (as I did yesterday) and set off on my run. My initial pace of 7 min/mile I was very happy with but my achilles didn't feel as good as it did yesterday so I decided to cut short my run (after only 0.31 miles) in case I aggravated my achilles. Disaster. I will have to try running during the week. The one advantage I have is that Regents Park is round the corner from work so if needed I can run on grass to limit the pressure I put on my achilles.

I'm going to build up slowly so I don't aggravate things. Tuesday the plan is to jog 1.5 miles and Thursday up this to about 2 miles. Fingers crossed I am still feeling this good next weekend.

Right now for the ouchies, I really don't think my bike is correctly fitted to me and am contemplating going to get this professionally done. Becausse at present when I'm riding on the turbo trainer I'm getting some lower back pain which is not good. JE James cycles in Rotherham do offer this service. Now I just need to enquire how much it costs.

Hope my back gets better soon. Right now I'm off to the pub to watch my beloved Blackburn possibly play their last televised Premier League game.

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