Wednesday, 9 May 2012

General update and a whinge

Well firstly I think I have made a decision on the bike front but I definitely need to have a final check around. At J E James they have 10% off 2012 bikes which is a good thing. I'll wait until I get back from my hols to make the final decision.

I think I have also decided to rent a wetsuit for this season as buying one seems a little excessive. I know I will continue with the biking after my first triathlon but as for another triathlon who knows. One of my friends has mentioned a half ironman next year. Like i said who knows, lets get the first one out of the way. This also has the added advantage (I hope) if that if I lose some weight I should be able to change sizes without having to buy another wetsuit. BONUS.

Right now onto the subject of weight. I was mortified today to learn how fatty the food is in my hotel and have now decided to start a diet as well as training. This is for two reasons. Both of which should be beneficial in my quest.

1. Running at over 16 stone can not be healthy for my joints or knees and probably contributed to my injury and subsequent three month lay off from running.

2. Moving over 16 stones is harder than moving 14 stones so the training will get easier the kore i lose, which will make the triathlon easier.

Right now that is off my chest.

I have set no target for weight loss but just want the training to be easier and not hurt my knees so much.

Hopefully in a month or two I will also be working at home which will make the dieting and training easier as I will be able to go cycling on an evening and the like and be in total control on the food front.

I can't wait for my gym membership to start so I can start doing less impact exercise during the evening.

Right the whole reason for this update (apart from all the above). My run today. The pace was not as good as Saturday (only 8:24/km over 3.67km) but I was struggling with motivation after a long day at work and was conscious of a niggle (from Saturday) in my knee. But the distance is increasing. At one point when keeping pace with someone I even managed a sub 2 minute 500m.

Until my lack of fitness caught up with me. Things can only get better though. Regents Park really is a nice place to run as there are so many other people doing it.

My sponsorship stuff has arrived from Cancer Research so for those people who I know personally. PREPARE TO BE HASSLED. You have been warned.

For the rest of you remember you can sponsor me by texting NSMK50 £X to 70070 where X equals how much you would like to donate or by visiting my Justgiving page (www.justgiving.smoker2trithlete)

Thanks for reading


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