Monday, 7 May 2012

Houston we have a problem

Well what a hectic weekend.

Friday night meant an impromptu and completely unplanned drink round at a neighbours. 5 cans later and I decided to call it a night as I knew I had some training to do in the morning.

Saturday arrived. I didn't have a hangover so I knew a run was in order.  Had my breakfast and followed it up with a can of Red Bull and decided to set off on my run. I felt ok for the 1st km or so and was impressed with my pace. I then started to feel some pain on the outside of my calves but carried on regardless. In total I ran 2.97km at an average pace of 07:35 per km which equates to another 30 second improvement. Hurray. Not bad for my third run since injury. My route and pace can be seen below. At least my achilles is still holding up.

Then me and the wife went to watch the FA Cup Final at our local and ended up having a party at our house with some friends.

Again I woke on Sunday without a hangover but knew that I wouldn't be doing any exercise as it was a rest day and also because I had a weird pain on the outside of my right calf. This proceeded to get worse throughout the day to the point where I couldn't fully straighten my leg without pain. Hmm not good but I know it will clear up with rest. I then went to Virgin Active to have a tour and sign up as a member. This means I can train when working away, which as I only have 20 weeks to go is a good thing. The 25m pool in Sheffield Millhouses is what did it for me. Can't wait to go to the gym when my membership starts on the 19th May, I even have an appointment booked with a trainer for this day.

Another day of drinking followed this. OOOPS. I'll have to work all this alcohol off over the next week or so.

Now for the disaster. After my back pain last week, I decided to book a bike fit for the Monday at J E James cycles in Chesterfield.

Fundamentally my bike does not fit me. It should but the geometry of the frame is all wrong as the headtube is too low. It would be ideally suited to someone who is looking for a TT bike due to its aggressive geometry.


Even with 4 spacers above the headtube, my stem is still set at an angle of 45 degrees. This could lead to handling problems when it comes to riding the bike. Now this leaves me with a quandary over what to do. Persevere with the bike in it's current Frankenstein state or sell it and buy a new one?

My build would be best suited with a frame similar to Trek's H2 frames due to their geometry. The downside is this means purchasing a new bike.

Thanks to for this picture

This is all very confusing and a huge distraction to my training. I have a holiday booked for a week to go to my friends wedding so I have two weeks to make a decision on what to do with my bike. At present I'm thinking of selling the bike for what I paid for it and buying a new Trek bike. Now I just need someone to pay £250 for a hand made bicycle with a Campag groupset.

I'm thinking the Trek Madone 3.1 is looking favourable due to its carbon fibre frame which should make it a comfier ride overall as the carbon fibre will absorb a lot of the bumps from the road. And it looks awesome.

Thanks to for this picture

Hmmm. What to do?

Thats all from me for now. I'll update you on any training I manage to do this week dependant on my niggly knee.

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