Thursday, 24 May 2012

Three training days on the bounce - I think I have gone mad

I think I may have a gone a little doolally or it might be something to do with the heat.

After work on Tuesday I went for a jog, which consisted of an interval run of 5min walk, followed by 7 sets of 1:30 run and 1:30 walk and a 5min walk to cool down. I covered 3.66km in the 31 minutes but didn't quite realise where I was in Regents Park so I had an extra 0.8km walk / run back to the car.

To ease the aches and pains I drank a Maximuscle Viper Active mixed with Cherry Active. What a easy combination this was but I was mortified to realise that this contained more kcal than I had expended running. Not ideal when I am trying to lose weight to make the running easier. So from now on my post exercise drink will be High5 Zero and Cherry Active.

My route can be seen below.

I awoke on Wednesday with no aches and pains so a combination of the new trainers and and the Cherry Active must have worked, which is a bonus.

On Wednesday I decided to see how Virgin Active in Hendon compared with Virgin Active at Sheffield Millhouses. Parking at Hendon proved to be an issue. But I waited for a space and went in.

I was planning to stick to my training plan set by Ben but I decided to mix things up a little. So I did 6 minutes on the cross trainer followed by 2 sets of legs exercises on the powerplate as instructed by Ben, I followed this with 2.5km on a mountain bike trainer called Xdream because I didn't see the exercise bikes, this was followed by 5km on the exercise bike (after I had found them), another set of leg exercises on the  powerplate all followed with a 500m swim in a METAL swimming pool, which was an experience. The pool at Hendon is 20m long rather than the standard 25m.

Again Cherry Active followed and I had no aches or pains on getting up. What a wonderful find this is.

Thursday (today) is a holiday so I went to the gym in the morning with the aim of completing my second interval run of the week and then going for a swim. When I got up I realised the swimming pool went ladies only at 11:30 which gave me under an hour of training (once I'd managed to park) before I had to leave the pool and I wanted a 31 minutes run before as well.

I completed a 25 minutes interval run consisting of 5 min warm up 5 sets of 1:30 run and 1:30 walk and a 5min cool down walk. This was shorter than planned due to the time constraints. I then did one set of leg exercises before jumping in the pool. I had 25 minutes in the pool before it went ladies only.

I set off with 2 by 200m warm up sets and then with what I thought was 12 minutes left I decided to go at a relatively easy pace and see how far I could go. This was cut short by two minutes as the lifeguard stopped me swimming for the ladies only session. I know I completed 20 lengths (but it could be 22) so that made 400m which totalled 800m in under 25 minutes at an easy pace mostly using my arms. Why oh why can I not find running as easy as I do swimming?

The reason I think I have gone mad is I am contemplating a run before tea tonight. What is happening to me? I am starting to enjoy this.

Over the last few days I've realised I have some amazing friends and work colleagues. My sponsorship is starting to increase finally. Remember you can sponsor me via my Justgiving page.

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