Monday, 9 April 2012

Bad couple of weeks training wise

Well I'm still not smoking which is the main point behind everything.

Ive not had so much success with training though (which is incredibly frustrating). Due to other commitments (photographing 6 international handball games) I only got home at 9pm on Saturday which made this week extra long.  Then I got invited round to a neighbours and proceeded to drink too much homebrew. I had commitments with my family on Easter Sunday and then arranged a night out with some friends to unwind after a long week.

Then on Easter Monday I couldn't muster the inclination to go for a bike ride in the rain. By the time the rain had stopped I was otherwise distracted (publicising my photographs) and hence this week I will not have done any training, which I am disappointed about.

Next week does not bode well either. I am still working away and have to stay in London next weekend to photograph the BCU Olympic Selection Event at Lee Valley White Water Course. I may have time for a quick session on my turbo trainer next Sunday night, like I said it does not bode well however I will be taking my swimming stuff on the off chance that I manage to get to a pool outside of work.

I might have the time on Friday and Saturday morning depending on what time things kick off with the canoeing.

My Road ID arrived from America in record time so I know that I will be safer should I have an accident while training outside. Can't wait to use it soon.

That's all I've got to say at the moment.

Sorry for the lame as update but like I said the main thing is I am still off the evil weed.

Thanks for reading.

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