Thursday, 5 July 2012

What is it with me and injuries

Before I started this quest I could count on one hand the number of injuries I'd had over the previous 5 years. About none.

Since I started the quest I seem to be finding new ways of hurting myself.

Be that falling off my bike (injury to my pride as it was in front of a friend)


Random niggles in both my knees (serves me right for being overweight)


Running and giving myself achilles tendinitis, which by the way I still have but am now learning to live with by utilising a tendon strap so there is some tension in my tendon when running. This is going to slow my transition times down, but is a necessity.

However on Sunday I managed to injure myself and

a) I don't know what I did.
b) I don't know what is wrong.

Basically after my run on Sunday and after I'd finished updating my blog. I developed what can only be described as severe pain in my heel. It started as a niggle but when walking felt like someone was stabbing the outside of my right heel with a knife.

I soldiered on thru Monday at work in my normal shoes but the pain was getting worse even with my newly acquired Orthaheels in my shoes. It got so bad that the pain was searing up the outside of my ankle bone by the end of the day.

Not good.

I had visions of having plantar fasciitis, which is a condition that affects runners and can lead to layoffs of up to six months. This would have been a disaster for my upcoming triathlons, however one of the problems associated with PF is that the pain is a lot worse in the morning. The pain was no worse on Monday AM when I got up or on Tuesday AM so I doubt it is that.

Anyway I digress. Most bizarrely when I wear my running shoes the pain subsides massively so I have had to wear these at all times during the week even to work which looks a little bizarre with a shirt and trousers.

So now I am in a quandary as to what is wrong with me.

I know I can jog in my running shoes and I know the niggle is there but on a pain scale of 1-10 (1 being a midge bite and 10 being unplanned amputation) it appears to be 0.5.

Before anyone tells me off for being stupid, I am not running and am resting but I had to see if I could jog and I can.

I am going to see a doctor and hopefully a physio at the weekend who can hopefully fix me with their combined efforts so that I can go for a run on Sunday with my PT but if I can't the training will consist of biking and swimming and maybe some weights.

The training this week has consisted of a pool swim on Tuesday (1km in 20 minutes) and an open water swim last night at the beautiful Ham Lake (thanks to @Annelovesthegym for the photo below) with RG Active. I wasn't really feeling the swim last night as I felt tired but I persevered despite me getting cramp and missing the final lap.

Another learning point, turn your bloody posh watch on when you start swimming and not after your warm up as you miss about 300m. Very unimpressed but at least Endomondo came to my rescue as I could work out the distance thanks to their route drawing facility.

I also had a breakthrough of sorts this week, I've nearly finished my Champix and have been cutting down gradually but hand't taken a pill for about a week and got the biggest craving for a cigarette ever (which is bloody bizarre as I haven't had any so far and it's nearly been 100 days and the nicotine is well and truly out of my system), however I remained strong and didn't give in and remembered that they are crap for me (and everyone else who is still a slave to the little monster). Like I said a breakthrough of sorts. But still well done me.

Right that's it from me I'm about to hobble off to the gym and go for a swim.

Remember you can still sponsor me via Justgiving. I'm nearly at target 1 (£600 so I can race) but want to smash that and if I'm honest I want to smash target 2 (£1000) as well.

Update - not going to the gym tonight as there appears to be roadworks on the way to the hotel. The bus ride is taking forever.

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