Sunday, 1 July 2012

Big hurdle overcome today

Right I know it's been over a week since my last update and I apologise for that. It's been a hectic week at work and my training has suffered because of it.

Since my last update I have only trained 6 times.

Those six training sessions have consisted of

  • 2 bike rides totalling 116.87km. This was so I could complete the #12xIronman challenge for June.
  • 3 rulks totalling 21.5km
  • 1 Open water swim totalling 1.17km
Thats nearly the same as a half ironman in just over a weeks training. For details on the training, please click the links below.

The bike rides were completed mostly on my turbo trainer as the weather last weekend was atrocious. I went on a bike ride but cut it short after I nearly got blown into a bus on the Sunday ride and the Saturday ride was spent on my turbo while watching the ITU race from Kitzbuhel.

The runs were completed as two just over 5km runs (one on Sunday and one on Thursday) and DRUM ROLL PLEASE........................................................


This is a pivotal moment in my triathlon training as just over a month ago I nearly threw in the towel as I was struggling with running. And due to my PT my confidence has increased and I have realised I can run. The time was 01:13:26 for the 10.36km but I am still thrilled with myself. Now I just need to work on consistency and then increasing my pace. I am over the moon. A little stiff in my knees but over the moon. I decided to reward myself with a Jellybaby after each km. This seemed to break the run down enough for me to cope with the increased distance. Bribery and corruption works wonders.

The Open water swim was completed with RG Active. I really can't stress enough how wonderful the training with this company is. They break everything down and get you to complete drills and then explain why we are completing the drills. I felt amazing after the swim. I am starting to enjoy open water swimming more than pool swimming.

According to Endomondo I have burned nearly 22000 calories during the month of June. This has been my most consistent month training since I started my quest. I trained on 19 of the 30 days and completed 27 different training sessions. I have also taken myself 153 miles under my own steam. And the best part I have enjoyed it all.

In four weeks today I'll have completed my first triathlon and eight weeks after that I'll have completed the London Triathlon. I am so proud of myself and so is my wife. Last weekend she bought me a gold medal for all my hard work. And the bonus was it was chocolate.

Other than all of the above there's not  a lot else I've been up to. I've started reading Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run by Andy Holgate. I feel there are a lot of parallels between Andy's quest and mine in so much as writing this blog is very motivational to me and I have decided to complete an ironman at some point in the future. I've even taken to reading some of the funny parts aloud to my Mrs. God knows what she thinks of me.

Remember you can sponsor me vis my Justgiving page. I am nearly at the target that Cancer Research have set me of £600 but this is not the target I have set myself.

Thanks for reading,


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