Sunday, 1 December 2013

Running to HR

After my lactate test at Blizard Physio (, I was given a training plan which was loosely based aorund the Don Fink 30 week plan. I was to follow this plan for the next 6 weeks.

Given my 30 week plan is due to commence on Monday 2nd December I have taken a bit of a rest since my lactate test.

I have still been completing the track sessions on a Tuesday as these will be most beneficial to my "need for speed" and I have been completing the swim sessions with GI Tri (when I could, but that another story involving an aggravated rotator cuff in my right shoulder) but other than that I have been doing very little. But I will be starting in earnest for the first 6 weeks of Don Fink's plan.

Thus imagine my surprise when I ran Parkrun on the 23rd Novemebr and set a new PB by over a minute. I ran to the HR zones as prescribed in my lactate test and completed the 3 miles (not 5km as it should be) in 27:28 which I was thrilled with as I genuinely didn't feel like I had worked that hard for the duration of the race. Below is a screen grab of the time spent in each HR zone.

Today as I had a bit more time than I thought I would have. I decided to go on a little leg stretching run and see how I coped on a longer run when running to HR.

In total I managed to complete 6.6 miles in 1:08 but more importantly I managed to complete 10km in 1:04:34  without struggling at all.  This is my third quickest 10km EVER! and I found it really easy. In previous runs I have been chasing speed and exhausting myself.

Today I had to restrain myself to stay in Zone 2 (156 - 168 BPM) for most of the run but this is one of the challenges when training to HR. I can't wait for the time when Dave of Blizard Physio allows me to open my body up to a threshold (zone 3) run and see what I can do over 5 and 10km.

But building my base is key at the moment as I have been training all over the place with regards to HR. I will remain patient and trust in Dave's vast knowledge.

Below is a screen grab from todays run and as you can see I nailed staying in zone 2.

If you are struggling with running I can not recommend a lactate threshold test enough and thats only off the back of two runs. One PB and one longer run which I found easy.

And I never thought I would ever say that I found running easy.

Thanks Dave and Blizard Physio. You may make a runner out of me yet.

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