Saturday, 1 June 2013

Triathlon and mathematics.

This week I went for a run and as it was my first longer run since Mallorca. I decided to take it easier than I had bene doing previously.

I usually aim to run at a pace of 10 min / mile and this is how I have completed my sub 30 minute 5km and sub 1 hour 10km targets this year.

On this particular run in my new trainers I set off at a pace of 11 min / mile and felt really strong. There was no gasping for breath or overheating so I think this is the pace my body likes to run at. I completed my 7 mile run at a fairly regular pace in 76:12. There were no blisters and I genuinely enjoyed the run.

I hope to use the same pace during my long run of 16 miles this week and hope there are no complications.

During my run I had an epiphany of sorts. It has been nice chasing my run targets this year but they have hurt and I know that is the point but in 5 weeks I have a marathon to run off the back of a 112 mile bike and a 2.4 mile swim. If I was to aim to run the marathon at 11 min / mile instead of 10 min / mile (which I don't think is sustainable for my body) then it would costs me 26 minutes in total. Now 26 minutes would be a disaster for the likes of Jodie Swallow, Leeanda Cave or Tom Lowe but I am me and my aim is to complete the course and not compete. My competition is getting to that finishing line and when I do I can't put into words how much it will mean to me.

I just need to tell me legs to slow down now because when I run off the bike I go at a quicker pace than 10 min / mile. My legs just go into overdrive. Must remeber to go slow in 5 weeks. Be more like the tortoise and less lik the hare

Random maths

While out on my longish ride this week I also did some rudimentary mathematics. Isn't it amazing what your brain does when you are exerting yourself?

I worked out that I swim at just over 2 miles per hour and I run at roughly 6 miles per hour and cycle at roughly 18 miles per hour.

Given 2 times 3 = 6 and that 6 times 3 = 18. Triathlon really is the sport of threes.

Illness update

My illness is gone and I am back to training and making headway on the bike. I am cycling quicker than I have before. I just hope I can maintain these new speeds for the 112 miles of the Outlaw course.

I am also getting used to my new ISM Prologue saddle and find that I have a lot more manouvrability with position on longer rides. I think this will have been a good investment.

Injury update

My tendinitis hasn't bothered me and I aim to complete my long run tomorrow so expect an update next time. If I complete this run with my injury, I am going to own the Outlaw.

#stupidfeet update

Shhhhhh. Keep it quiet but I have done a 7 mile run in my new trainers without any burning hot spots or blisters forming. If my long run has the same outcome I will be buying more pairs of New Balance 1080 as they appear to be suited to my #stupidfeet.

Thats all from me for now,

If you're racing this weekend good luck and remember #CompleteNotCompete



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