Sunday, 2 June 2013


So it's long run day and I've completed my run. I was feeling strong until my old friend pain made an appearance. The pain arrived in the form of rubbing to the sole of my left foot behind the ball of my foot. I had completed half of my planned 16 mile run and was back at home.

I'd gone on a 4 mile out and back course and decided to stop at home to apply some Compeed to my rub spots so that I could continue my run. The pacing was good and I managed to run at 11 minutes / mile for the whole run.

When I sat down to apply the Compeed they wouldn't stick to my sweaty feet. I thought I had managed to get them to stick and put my socks and trainers back on and set off running again but alas they hadn't stuck and were soon mobile. I decided to head for home. When I took my trainers and socks off, the Compeed were in the middle of my arch rather than behind my ball. They hadn't stuck. This presents a slight problem. I have to run just over 3 times what I ran today in 5 weeks.

There are a number of solutions that I will endeavour to try over the next 5 weeks.

Putting Compeed onto dry feet like I did in Mallorca. This seemed to limit any further damage. I could either put them on in T1 or T2 come race day but will need to ensure a towel is packed to thoroughly dry my feet. I will try a training run with Compeed to see how they perform.

Putting KT tape onto my feet. Like Compeed this will have to happen in T1 or T2. I don't think this will work as I don't think the tape is sticky enough to last 26 miles but it is worth a try.

Putting Vaseline onto my feet to attempt to limit the rubbing effect. Again I don't think this will work but I will try it for one run.

I will restart the daily application of surgical spirit in an attempt to toughen the soles of my feet.

Finally the last solution is to #MTFU and deal with the pain. I'll freely admit to being not good with pain so this will be the last resort.

Some of my twitfriends have suggested that I try Chamois But'r on the soles of my feet. This seems like a good idea as it removes friction from saddles.



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