Sunday, 5 August 2012

Less than 50 days to go.......

Well in 49 days I will have completed my Olympic distance triathlon in London.

Bit daunting that considering when I started this blog it was 237 days away. Where has the time gone?

I'm not worried in the slightest as I know I'm stubborn enough to complete it.

Since my triathlon I have been finding it really difficult to motivate myself into training. This isn't due to laziness but is mostly due to me being stupidly busy this week.
  • On Monday I drove to London so didn't train.
  • On Tuesday I drove back home so didn't train.
  • On Wednesday I went to the Canoe Slalom K1 final at Lee Valley so that meant a drive down and back up in one day, but I had  an awesome time visiting the venue which I managed the construction of.
  • On Thursday I had a days holiday to recover but flew around the North doing bits and bats. More on this later.
  • On Friday after work I managed to do my first bike ride since my triathlon, again more on this later.
  • On Saturday I went to watch the Ladies triathlon in Leeds and then had to do some photography in the afternoon.
  • And finally today I had house chores to do and the day disappeared.
Thursday was a hectic day even though I had the day off from work. I had a dentist visit in the morning as I had been suffering with toothache and then I went to buy a balance board as my PT said it would help strengthen my weak ankles and this was before I had my double falls during the triathlon.

I then drove to Nottingham to visit TFN and as usual I got a superb service from the guys there. It is amazing the quality of service you get in this shop. It is no wonder that the store have been voted retailer of the year for every year since 2007 by 220 Triathlon.

I went to buy some tribars with my birthday money from my Grandma. The staff in the shop fitted them for me there and then and let me try them out before I purchased them, how good is that?

They even videoed me using them so I could check my position. Like I said amazing service.

After I had selected my tribars I then decided to buy an aero bottle as during the triathlon I really struggled with drinking whilst on the bike. I didn't feel very stable reaching for my bottle while going at speed. At least with this new bottle I can drink while on the move.

My new aero set up
I then drove home with the intention of going out on my bike and following this with a run however two of my friends were competing in the Canoe Slalom C2 final of the Olympics. What an emotional roller coaster the final was. They ended up winning gold. I was a wreck after this and the brick didn't happen.

On Friday I managed to go out on the bike and felt really good.  I tentatively started to use my tribars and quickly learnt that the slightest movement makes a lot of difference to steering. I thought I would have beaten my PB for my 20km route and would have had it not been for two sets of traffic lights that I get caught at. The tribars felt good but I felt like they limited my top speed on a downhill section as I was lacking power or felt I was.

Saturday was spent watching the Ladies Olympic Triathlon. What an amazing race Lucy Hall had. She owned the swim and bike legs, she worked so hard I am not surprised she looked in pain on the run. I think she could have a great future ahead of her. I was gutted for Helen Jenkins at the end but the heart and grit shown by her in finishing fifth whilst carrying an injury was an inspiration.

LOCOG's tagline of "Inspire a Generation" is really exceptionally fitting given the performance Team GB are having during these Olympics. Some of the medals we have won have been amazing. If the next generation aren't inspired by this I have no idea what it will take. I am loving every second of the Olympics and am proud to have worked on them.

I can't wait to go and watch the Mens triathlon on Tuesday in Hyde Park. It's going to be immense. Hopefully I'll manage to get some really good photos that I can share with you all.

I also intend on getting back to my training next week. Unfortunately swimming is off the cards as I won't have access to a car (so won't be able to go to either of the RG Active swim session. That means I am limited to running which is good as it is definitely my weakest discipline if we exclude the fourth discipline of triathlon which is transition, which I need to practice.

I need to go to the local playing fields to practice my swim bike transitions.I need to perfect the technique of having my shoes already clipped to the bike.

I hope I have found a product which will mean my bike run transition will be quicker. KT Tape is meant to be beneficial for achilles tendinitis and it is waterproof so I should be able to wear it from the start of a triathlon.

Now I just need perfect running and biking without socks and not getting blisters and then my transitions will be speedy quick.

I have preregistered for an iron distance triathlon next year, which seems a big step but I know I want to complete one. Next years triathlon wish list is as detailed below

March 2013 - triathlon training camp in Majorca
May 2013 - IM 70.3 in Majorca (possibly depending on flights etc..)
April / May 2013 - IM 70.3 or middle distance triathlon in the UK if Majorca is too expensive.
June 2013 - GE Blenheim Triathlon as it looked beautiful this year
July 7th 2013 - Outlaw triathlon. The race I have preregistered for.
July 2013 - Hatfield Triathlon (the one which started it all)
September 2013 - Either London or Doncaster triathlon
October 2013 - Kona (yeah right I can dream)

In 2014 I want to do a full Ironman triathlon. I know it's the same distance as Outlaw but it's an official Ironman.

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  1. Iron distance!!! Blimey :-) Think Olympic will be the furthest I would ever attempt ... but you never know I guess!