Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another week of learning and inspiration

Well this week it was time for me to get back in the saddle do to speak.

I hadn't done any training since my triathlon. That all changed this week and so far I've done a lot of walking, some rulking and a brick session. I don't think I'll do more training today but who knows.

Walking and people inspiring me

On Tuesday I went to watch the Men's triathlon at Hyde Park. What an inspiration the athletes were completing the 54.5 km swimbikerun in 01:46:25. That equates to an average speed of 30.8km/h, I'm amazed people  don't use triathlon as a form of transport in London as this is quicker than I've ever moved in London. It really is amazing the punishment they put their bodies through in search of athletic perfection, after all Jonny Browlee had to have medical attention before the medal ceremony. Some of my photos can be seen below.

J Brownlee leading on the bike on the first lap
A Brownlee, J Brownlee and J Gomez on their first run lap
A Brownlee on his third lap of the run
J Brownlee on his fourth lap
I went to this event with Anne, Laura, Miles and Simon who I train with at RG Active. See what I said about them making you feel welcome. I spent most of the nearly two hours perched on a bin so I could get some good photos.

After the event myself and Anne went to the pub but managed to get lost en route. We were going to meet Stuart Amory who is a PT that Anne follows on Twitter as it was his birthday. After finding a pub we then met with Stuart and what an inspiration he is. He trains numerous celebrities and helped me realise that what I am doing is amazing.

I never imagined nine months ago I'd be doing triathlons or having nearly 7000 people read about my exploits. But I am and I'm thrilled by this journey and it's not going to stop anytime soon.

After we left the pub we walked to Victoria. I think I must have walked about 6 miles during my day out at the triathlon.


On Wednesday after work I went for my first run in 2.5 weeks and I couldn't believe how much I hurt for having the break. I was in bits at the end of my run. My 5km time was (just) under 35 minutes so the time off hasn't slowed me much. This was the first time I had woken with aching quads in a long time. Ah well. What doesn't kill you and all that. So...............

On Thursday I went for another rulk after work. I increased my distance for this rulk as I realised my Olympic distance triathlon was just over 6 weeks away and I have some work to do on my distance.

To this end I came up with training plan and as long as I manage to stick to it. I think I'll be fine. But then again I might be wrong I might boink on the run. I think I'm stubborn enough for this to not happen though.

My training plan. Hope I manage to stick to it.
Anyway I digress. The rulk on Thursday was not very pleasant due to the pain in my quads and the heat in London (it was almost unbearable and colleagues said I was mad for going running) but I completed 6.34km in 45 minutes and that included my warm down walk. Progress made.


On Saturday I was performing a masterclass in procrastination for some reason. When I finally got my ass in gear.

I went to the Post Office to pick up my KT Tape and so far am thoroughly impressed with it apart from having to shave my legs so the tape lasts as long as possible.

The tape on my Achilles has so far lasted 24 hours and that has included a bike run brick a shower a nights sleep and a bath.

My achilles all strapped and the tape has lasted longer than 24 hours

More digression. Apologies. Back to my bike run brick. Due to time constraints brought about by my faffing I went on my usual 20km route and completed this in 00:45:49 which is an improvement of 00:01:55 compared with last week. I spent a lot more time using my tribars. And they felt really natural as my confidence grew. My average speed was 26.7km/h which is my best effort to date. When I got home I quickly transitioned into my running shoes and set off on my first run without my Achilles strap (as I now had KT Tape on). I really was nervous about this and thought my Achilles would protest but to my surprise the pain was no worse than usual.

After about 1 mile my old friend the muscle pain outside my shins returned. Damn it I had forgotten my Compressport Calf Guards. I didn't wear them during Thursdays rulk and assumed I was over this niggle but my body had other thoughts. Rather than push things I immediately made a beeline for home as I didn't want to injure myself. It turns I did right as I woke today with no pain.

A summary of things I leant this week

  • A break from running hurts your body.
  • KT Tape (although a tad expensive) is so much better than other brands of kinesiology tape due to its stickiness.
  • I need to wear my calf guards when running as they seem to hold my muscles together and stop pain.
  • Ali Brownlee is amazing at punishing himself.
Ali on his last lap looking a bit tired but who can blame him
  • Stu Hayes was amazing during the bike leg of the triathlon and seemed to appreciate the cheering from the crowd in Hyde Park.
Stu Hayes thanking the crowd with a fistpump
  • The generosity of strangers is amazing. Thanks to Duncan Bannatyne and his #tad trend on Twitter and subsequent RT I have a new follower who sponsored me. Touched.

  • I have a positive outlook on my quest which can inspire people and that in itself inspires me to complete my quest.
Remember you can still sponsor me via Justgiving or by texting NSMK50 £X to 70070.

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  1. Brownlee was incredible and the olympic athletes have been really inspiring. I've been a bit lazy with my running recently with the weather this summer being so poor but the olympics have really galvanised me and I'm back on it again. I noticed that you're trying to raise money through justgiving and I was wondering if you had heard of easy fundraising ideas, I did a cycle about a year ago and managed to raise an extra £250 from my friends and family shopping online. Check it out if you get a chance and good luck with your sponsorship.