Thursday, 18 February 2016

My 2016 season

Things are shaping up well regarding populating my 2016 race calendar.

I've made no secret of my desire to represent GB as an age grouper even writing about it back in September 2013 in this post I have a dream

The main goal for this season is qualifying at sprint distance to either go to the World Champs in Mexico this September or to the Euros in 2017.

To that end I am entering several (well most) of the qualification races. I am also racing some of the early season races to enable me to get some race practice in. After all there really is no substitute to racing.

My 2016 is broken down as follows.


20th - Gainsborough 10k. I'm undecided is I'm racing this to chase a new PB or pacing a friend to her sub 50. It all depend on how my running goes in the next few weeks.

27th - East Leake Triathlon. I fancied racing this early season tri to see how I am feeling after the winter.


24th - City of York Triathlon. After watching a lot of the athletes I coach race this last year, I decided to give it a bash.


8th - Pendle Triathlon. My Dad has invited me to compete in his club's triathlon. As it's a 750m pool swim it seems rude not to have a blast.

22nd - Eton Dorney - My first qualifier for Mexico. I thought it a good idea to race as many draft legal races as I could to try and qualify.

28th - Nottingham Triathlon - My first qualifier for ETU in 2017. Hoping I can peak in this race to secure qualification for next year's race in Kitzbuhel.


5th - Strathclyde Triathlon. I am hoping I can carry my peak for another week and race well on the same course used for the Commonwealth Games. If memory serves it was quite hilly. The second Mexico qualification race. GULP.

19th - Llandudno Sea Sprint -  I am hoping to not need to attend this race but if I do then it is my final chance to qualify for Mexico


3rd - Peak District Triathlon. My last chance to qualify for Kitzbuhel.

10th -  Lincolnshire Edge Triathlon. A local race that is flat and another chance to race in open water.

17th - Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. I had a blast racing here last year so decided to give it another go. The race format is unique and I really enjoyed it. This year I'll be sure to use my road bike.

20th - Doncaster 5k. This will be my third race in a row in Doncaster. I've set PB's the last two years.


7th - Bassetlaw Triathlon. Another local race. Remember it's good to support your local events.

20th - Relays. How can I not race Relays. It's the best race in the calendar. SO MUCH FUN.

21st - Relays take 2. Me and some other members from DTC are entering the mixed relays. I can't wait.


25th - Brigg Sprint. I love this local race and can't wait to race again.


2nd - Drax Goole Tri - Another local race I really enjoy.

9th - Epworth Triathlon. Finishing off the season as late as I can.

Yes it's a lot of races but I am quite good at recovering from sprints within a week.

Hope to see some of you at these races.

Thanks for reading,


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