Saturday, 18 April 2015

Not the start to the season I wanted......

On Easter Monday I went out for a social bike ride with the members of Doncaster Triathlon Club.

I decided to ride the first 5 miles to the meeting point solo at race effort to see how my hours and hours sat on the Wattbike have affected my outdoor riding speed.

I was flying along and after I reached the meeting place, checked my average speed. For the 4.96 miles, I averaged 21mph including stopping for one junction and 4 roundabouts. I also managed 3 Strava 2015 KOM's and 2 2nd places. In a word the hours spent on my Wattbike have had a good effect on my outdoor speed. And all of this on my roadie with my standard wheels

I was buoyed with a new sense of confidence for the coming season.

We set off on the ride and I was taking it steady on the flats but putting in some efforts uphill and downhill.

The hills didn't seem any easier than last year but I definitely felt quicker.

After we stopped at Gringley on the Hill to regroup, we set off on a downhill section. As I reached the bottom of the descent I kept checking back for the other riders.

And then disaster struck. While checking back, I accidentally turned my bars and went flying over the handlebars.

After eating tarmac, picking myself up and dusting myself I noticed an unnatural ache in my left arm (well that and numerous scrapes). I rode on for another 10 miles before my adrenalin wore off. After that I could't continue. The pain in my arm had got significantly worse.

Cue a trip to A&E. My prognosis. One broken left radial neck. A minimum of six weeks off and having to cancel three races.

So now I find myself acting like a bear with a sore head because my preparation for this season was going so well but now the plans for the season have to change. I couldn't wait to put into practice everything that I have been working on since starting with my new coach.

The races I had to cancel were

Southwell Sprint
St Neots Sprint (A GB qualifier (I didn't expect to qualify but wanted to see by how much I needed to improve))
Epworth Sprint

Thankfully two of the race organisers have allowed me to either transfer to another of their races or given me a partial credit for another race.

Now the start of my season looks like this.

Askern 10k (I felt I needed a race post injury to test my fitness)
Nottingham Sprint (assuming I am able to race)

This is far from the start I wanted, I wanted to have raced three triathlons before Nottingham.

I realise I am cutting it fine trying to get race ready for Nottingham given it is only 54 days after my crash, but I need something to help keep me focussed.

I am trying to keep motivated by using my Wattbike but even this is difficult as I am not able to get into my correct riding position.

I am unable to run or swim at present unfortunately and I realise the 10k at Askern will really hurt as I will have only just started running again. My next check up at the fracture clinic is on Wednesday and I am hoping for some good news about the bone healing or even being able to drive.

Now I have been moping about my arm for two weeks. It is time to knuckle back down. I hope to complete 4/5 sessions on my Wattbike each week until I am able to partake in other training. If I can't be swim and run fit, I am going to do my damnedest to be bike fit.

Onwards and upwards,


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