Monday, 7 April 2014

Hard work pays off

Last September I blogged about some dreams I had with regards to triathlon (

Today I have realised one of those dreams.

A few weeks ago I saw on Twitter that some people had qualified for GB Age Group for the ETU (European Triathlon Union) Aquathlon Championships which are to be held in Cologne on May 31st.

An Aquathlon is a multisport event with a 1km swim followed by a 5km run.

Having previously enquired about how to qualify for Aquathlon as an Age Grouper, I knew you had to submit a race CV but promptly forgot to submit my application. What an idiot.

After  clarifying some things with the BTF (British Triathlon Federation) Age Group Administrator, I decided to submit my application. After all nothing ventured, nothing gained. If I wasn't selected the application would only cost me £10.

So with a slight sense of trepidation, I typed my application and built up the courage to press send. I don't know why this made me so nervous but it really did.

That moment was over a week ago. I have been checking the AG page of the website daily in the vain hope that the selections would be announced.

By Friday there were still only 2 applications in the 30-34 Age Group out of a possible 20. I was willing the seconds to pass on Friday waiting for the 5pm closing deadline. After 5pm I hoped I would receive an email but to no avail. This weekend took forever to pass as I waited to hear my fate.

But finally today came and upon checking my email at lunchtime, I had received an email from BTF.

I nervously clicked open and was greeted with this view.

My dreams have been realised. I will get to wear the GBR Trisuit. 

The hard work I have put in with my running over the past 5 months since I sat down with Dave Tune at Blizard Physiotherapy, and publicly admitted my dream of representing my country was worth every drop of sweat and fibre of my aching muscle.

As has been the hard work I have recently been putting in at the pool with Dave Akers.

I will be representing Great Britain on the 31st May and I can't bloody wait.

I have not stopped grinning all day and have been truly humbled by the congratulations and words of encouragement I have received.

The nervousness I feel when I think of pulling on my new trisuit will serve me well. I will use this energy to my advantage as I knuckle down over the next 8 weeks to concentrate on my run and swim speed and endurance.

Thank you to the companies and people who have believed in and encouraged me in my quest.

A GBR age group aquathlete.

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