Saturday, 1 February 2014

Science and running

I know I've banged on about how much my lactate threshold and continual track sessions have helped my running. But is is ridiculous the effect they have had.

Since my lactate threshold and since I started going to track I have written the following blogs.

Today marked another PB in my running as I took 2:53 off my 10km PB by posting a 54:41 during a training run. This is good in itself but the run was after an hour on the bike where I completed a Trainer Road session with an average speed of 19.9pmh, average cadence of 86rpm and average HR of 131bpm, which is at the top end of my zone 2 on the bike. After a quick change I set off on my run.

54:41 later I had decimated my PB by 5%. What a difference consistent training makes. And do you want to know something else. I am not even running as much as I was before my lactate test.

This week for instance I ran on Tuesday at track and I ran today. Since my bike lactate I have been concentrating on my bike as I feel I have more to gain here.

Now let's look at the evidence. Before my running lactate test my PB's for 5km and 10km were as below.

5km - 26:48, date 17th July 2013, average HR 167bpm, max HR 187bpm
10km - 59:31, date 27th March 2013, no HR data available as I was running to feel but summed up my feeling with these words " It wasn't easy and it hurt but I felt so good when I reached the 10km target" in this blogpost

Since my lactate though my PB's have begun to tumble.

I have beaten them both twice since my lactate test and my HR's are lower which I am still struggling to comprehend.

1st 5km PB - 25:42, date 14th December, average HR 179bpm, max HR 190bpm
2nd 5km PB - 24:12, date 18th January, average HR 178bpm, max HR 189bpm

1st 10km PB - 57:34, date 12th January, average HR 164bpm, max HR 179bpm
2nd 10km PB - 54:41, date 1st February, average HR 164bpm, max HR 172bpm

So despite going quicker I am also not working as hard. The difference is knowing how hard to train. I really could have gone quicker today but it was a training run so there is no point risking injury.

So in summary, if you want to improve your running and can afford it get a lactate test and go to track sessions. Thanks to Blizard Physio for all their help in making me the best I can be.

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