Tuesday, 2 April 2013


A long time twitter follower (who shall remain nameless) and blog reader contacted me this week about something unrelated to training or triathlon. Anyway we got chatting and they referred to me as inspirational which knocked me for six. This person is going to represent their country at the ITU (International Triathlon Union) World Championships in London and I inspire them?

Little old me inspiring a world class age grouper. This got me thinking. Am I inspirational? I suppose in some ways I am but this is not intentional. All I do is set out to achieve the goals I have set myself. Sure some of these goals see me up at 5:20 to sit on my turbo trainer in my Baltic conservatory (like now) but these are only steps on my journey. My journey which started out with the following goals

1. Give up smoking. Achieved but is still a work in progress as any ex smoker can attest to but I am so happy to be free and feel so much healthier for it. For the second time I have now reached 150 days cigarette free.
2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon. Challenge done and on the way i raises over £1000 for Cancer Research UK although I have some unfinished business with the course.

And for 2013 a new goal

3. Complete a triathlon at every distance from super sprint to ironman in 2013. This is my work in progress for this year and I will complete it because I am lucky enough to have a dogged determination and this is all that keeps me going in training.

At best I am a slow triathlete with extreme determination but if I inspire you to get training when you see my tweets at silly o clock then I am happy. If you are a smoker who I have inspired to kick the habit then this means more to me than you could ever know as I have helped start you on a journey which will change your life for the better. Sure there are up and downs but stay on the path and you will reap the rewards.

And if you are an age grouper going to London then thank you for your kind words but the relationship is reciprocal as you inspire me at times.

Thanks and I really mean that.


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