Monday, 4 February 2013

I am a runner

Well January was an interesting month for me.

January was the month which saw me finally start to get to grips with running. I needed to make some changes to my footwear but with the help of Sweatshop in Meadowhall, I think I have finally found some trainers which
  • don't give me blisters
  • suit me forefoot running style
  • are immensely comfy
After having a gait analysis done for the third time (hopefully this one will be more successful than the last two) I decided on a pair of Asics Gel Fuji trainers for my offroad exploits and a pair of Asics Gel Lyte 33 trainers for my road pounding sessions.

As usual with my trainer choice, they are incredibly understated.

A combination of the trainers, my PT sessions and my own stubbornness and determination has seen me set 9 running PB's in the month of January.
  • 1km in 04:16 an improvement of 34 seconds
  • 1.5km in 07:07 an improvement of 91 seconds
  • 2km in10:37 an improvement of 63 seconds
  • 2.5km in 13:30 an improvement of 75 seconds
  • 3km in 17:23 an improvement of 110 seconds
  • 1 mile in 7:42 an improvement of 85 seconds
  • 2 miles in 18:50 an improvement of 31 seconds
  • 3 miles in 28:25 an improvement of 199 seconds
And the one I am most proud of
  • 5km in 29:29, an improvement of 216 seconds and something I have been chasing for what seems like an eternity. A sub 30 minute 5km.
9 PB's. The most amazing thing about this is they were completed in the space of 3 runs. I think I might finally be getting the hang of this running lark.

On Saturday I also completed only my third 10km run in my life. It was a struggle running on my own but I set a new PB for 10km. I only need to shave another 6 minutes off my time and I will have gone sub 1 hour. The 10k in question was completed in 1 hour and 6 minutes.

These are all steps in the right direction with regards my running and I am starting to enjoy it. I even contemplated carrying on with my run on Saturday but given I have injured myself by doing too much too soon previously,  I decided against it. I was feeling really strong and half of me was sorely tempted to continue with my run.

Sunday saw me complete my first outside bike ride of 2013 on my road bike. Oh how I have missed the Madone. It is so much comfier and more responsive than my hybrid mountain bike. I pushed myself and completed 32 miles. The headwind was atrocious but as the weather is something I have no control over I decided to MTFU and go for a long(ish) ride. My average speed was 15.9mph which is above the requireemnts of Outlaw.

At the Outlaw I must maintain a speed of 13.7 mph to complete the bike course in 08:10, whereas if I could maintain the speed from Sunday I could complete the bike course in approximately 7 hours.

January also me finally break my target of 27:30 for a 1500m endurance swim, when I completed the distance in 27:09.

I have also taken up training with Adwick Masters Swim club on a Tuesday night and have been struggling through these sessions. In the first session I was the slowest swimmer in the slow lane. This was a culture shock to me when I have been lapping people in my gym's swimming pool.

All in all you could say that the month of January has been a good month for me and I'd have to agree.

I am also 95 days cigarette free and this is the best decision I have ever made. I am not missing them at all.

Bring on February and all the improvements that will bring. February will also see me start my 20 week iron distance training plan.

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