Sunday, 6 January 2013

Most popular posts from 2012

Just thought I'd do a quick link to my most popular blog posts from last year for those that are new to me blogging exploits. Who knows you may read something useful in these gems (and thats those as viewed by my discerning readers i.e. you)

I'll also include a brief summary of the blog post to save you reading them all unless you really want to.

And starting the countdown of at

Number 5

This blogpost detailed four days of training on the bounce and how I had reached 60 days nicotine free. I even got a comment from the Worldwide Director of Allen Carr.

Number 4

This blogpost detailed my exploits at the London Triathlon in the most horrendous weather I have had the misfortune of being stuck outside for. A total of 3 hours and 32 minuts later I crossed the finish line. This triathlon was the main aim for 2012 and I was proud to complete.

Number 3

This post detailed the gems of wisdom that were taught to me by two of my coaches at swimming and running. Things which I still use to this day

Number 2

This post was one of the first I ever wrote and I can only think it had so many views because it was mentioned by Jonny Brownlee on Twitter. Not just a RT but an actual mention.

And at Number 1

This blogpost detailed my first ever triathlon and if any future triathletes find it useful then I'm glad I was of some assistance.

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