Sunday, 16 September 2012

Another week of achievements (Oh and T- one week)

Well this week has been another of achievements which is a good thing with a week to go until the London Triathlon. It proves I'm still improving.

This getting fitter lark is actually really good fun.

My achievments this week have been in all three disciplines


On Tuesday after work I decided to go for my usual 5k run around Regents Park. I decided to take notice of the advice of Karen from last week and run at an RPE level of 6 from the scale below.

RPE 6 Easy, conversational pace, slower than marathon pace. Working on base endurance
RPE 7 Steady pace, typically marathon or half marathon pace, able to talk but not hold a full conversation
RPE 8 Controlled discomfort, can talk a little but not full sentences. Typically your 10km race pace, or marginally slower (Often referred to as tempo or threshold, helps improve lactate threshold)
RPE 9 Hard, unable to talk other than getting a couple of words out. Typically a 5km race pace.
RPE 9.5 Very hard, definitely no talking at all, only for intervals shorter than 800m or a few minutes.

I did this to help build my base endurance. I set off at a pace that felt comfortable and completed my 5km run (note I intentionally put run instead of rulk) around Regents Park and paid no heed to lamp posts and fellt really realxed and good.

For the first time in my adult life I completed a 5km run. I was overcome with joy and don't mind admitting I nearly cried with the elation I felt. There was such an overpowering feeling of joy. I really must have found my running mojo.

I could have done with finding this form about a month ago so that I could gradually build up to the 10km I have to run in London. Instead I am aiming to run 7km this week and then 10km in London.

My pace wasn't great but I really don't care, I ran 5km. Me the overweight, ex smoker, sedentary human completed 5km. And next Sunday I'll give it my all to ensure I run the 10km as this was my primary aim at the start of this journey.

I was going to run on Wednesday but my calves were feeling tight so I had a nights rest.


On Thursday I went to the RG Active swim at Hampton Pool. I swam in my normal group but tried to remember everything I learnt from the week before. An hour later and we had all swum 70 lengths of the 36m long pool, which equates to 2.52km which was another achievement.

But best of all because I didn't cane myself and swam steadily (but still in the times that were set) I felt like I could have carried on swimming. This bodes well for my next challenge. More on that later.


On Saturday I got up and decided to finally test our my new 40km loop in Northern Doncaster.

I felt really relaxed and proceeded to enjoy the ride. The sun was shining and I had a really good time. I enjoyed my new loop. It wasn't quite 40km so I had to find some extra distance around the estate.

I completed my 40.1km in a time of 01:34:15, which was a 9.5% increase in average speed over my previous best effort out on the road at this distance. This amazed me and it proves my fitness is increasing.

So all in all a good week was had training wise and I still can't wait until London next Sunday.

My next challenge

I have hinted about my next challenge in the past but now it is official. I will be completing the Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham on Sunday July 7th 2013. I've already entered so barring injury there is no backing out.

The Outlaw is an iron distance triathlon to be completed within 17 hours.

For those that don't know an iron distance triathlon is

  • 2.4 mile (3.8km) swim to be completed within 2 hours and twenty minutes
  • 112 mile (180km) bike ride to completed by 10 hours and thirty minutes
  • 26.2 mile (42.2km) run to be completed within 17 hours.
This is a massive step up in distance and will be a real challenge but I have 42 weeks of training before race day and as usual my aim is to complete rather than compete.

I will be completing the Outlaw for HHHO so my charitable fundraising will not stop after I have completed the London Triathlon. I will also change my Twitter name after London.

I have also designed (with the help of Quest Sportswear) a custom trisuit for the event. I should have some custom calfguards for the event thanks to Compressport UK. So as you can see I have been busy planning as well as training.

A draft of my custom trisuit design

But back to the task at hand. In 7 days I will be completing the olympic distance London Triathlon in aid of Cancer Research. If you are attending the event, please make an effort to cheer me on as I'm sure this will help spur me on towards the finish line.

I am competitor 8763

I have also fitted my bike with some new wheels for the event as well as given it a thorough clean iin advance of the great travel down South.

My bike complete with new wheels in all its sparkly clean glory
My patriotic bike. Go red, white and blue
That's all for me. My next blog post will detail my efforts in London. I will try and remember every detail to share with you all.

Remember I am doing this all for charity so please could you all dig deep and sponsor me. You money could help find the cure for cancer.

If you have been inspired by my efforts or enjoyed reading my blog, please sponsor me via my Justgiving page ( or by texting NSMK50 £2 to 70070. Afterall that is less than the cost of a pint.

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  1. Thanks Gareth. You going to the tri expo next weekend? I'm at a loose end on Saturday if you fancy it.