Sunday, 11 March 2012

Less than 200 days to go

Well there's less than 200 days to go until my triathlon. I'm starting to get a little nervous given the fact I'm still finding it difficult to train when I'm working away. Another week away but this week I managed to train once on Monday night but given my inability to count accurately it's only a guess as to what I managed. A fairly accurate guess but a guess all the same.

So after another hectic week in London, I finally got home on Friday and heaven forbid managed to stay away from the pub on Friday night, which is a first. But the benefits paid off. Got up on Saturday without a bad head and felt cracking so me and the wife decided to go for a swim. Given the erratic uncontrolled swimming at Adwick leisure centre, I was amazed that I managed to swim 1000m. I really need to find somewhere in Doncaster that does lane swimming on a Saturday morning as I got frustrated overtaking middle to old aged women and think I swam nearer to 1100m with all the lane changing I had to do. I managed to bust out a 400m mix of breaststroke and crawl after most of the people had left which felt good.

I also decided to do my first brick and followed my swim with a bike ride. I managed 11.84km and felt really good. The only downside was my average speed which was only 17.43km/h. I think this could have something to do with the fact I bricked the training.

I had some Cherry Active on my return to assist with muscle repair. It's very tasty and so far appears to be working as I haven't woken up with painful muscles since I started taking it. Whereas before I took it I couldn't walk in the morning.

Saturday night wasn't as much of a success as Friday (with reference to avoiding beer) night as we had plans. Numerous beers and cocktails later and there was no way I was going to make early morning swimming on Sunday. Oh well never mind.

So on Sunday I went out for another ride and managed 8k in a quicker time, I averaged 20.58km/h which I was very happy with, I was less happy with how tired my legs were feeling during the start of the ride but I think that was down to overexertion. I still feel this isn't as quick as I could manage though. I think I need to develop a more aerodynamic riding style. I may even invest in some aero bars. I think eBay could be the place for them as they may not work out.

Someone from the Cancer Research Sports team contacted me during the week regarding publicity leading up to the triathlon and they were impressed with this blog and are consequently ringing me this week to discuss publicity.

Finger's crossed.

Many thanks to Jonathan Brownlee, the Great Britain Olympic triathlete for reading my blog. Thanks to you my views went through the roof.

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